Community Service

Mays Shares Its Helping Hands

Mays and its employees has had its fair share in helping hands projects over the past 37 years and continues to do so. Here at Mays Chemical Company, it's not just about giving back, it's simply about caring for our neighbors, neighborhoods and the world in which we live.

Volunteer Work at its Best

Our employees volunteer to be a liasion for Mays and represent the company with various charitable organizations, typically ones that are of great personal and public interest. They then build their own teams, fundraisers, organize and hold the event and Mays supports the team member from beginning to end to ensure its success.

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The Mays Family Foundation

Mays and its charitable foundation, The Mays Family Foundation (501c3), make financial contributions throughout the year to various charitable organizations and while often times the monetary needs are great, lending a hand is priceless, it's the time and effort we must put forth to make the difference.

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United Way

Mays Chemical Company supports United Way and numerous other charities. Every year an annual donation can be made from an employee of Mays that comes directly from their paycheck and is delivered right to the charity of the employee's choice.

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Super City: Clean & Green Project

Mays and 20 team members and volunteers pitched in for the "Indy Parks Clean & Green" project before the Super Bowl. There were 20 bags of trash filled along with a checklist of items that needed to be repaired and replaced.

American Cancer Society

Relay 4 Life and Daffodil Days are great ways to unite our co-workers together outside of the office and help others by raising money while having a great time.

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