Blending and Repackaging Facility

Greenwood, IN

Operational since 2010
Food Facility Registration Number: 13446739562
Building Area Total: 60,668 SF
Production Area: 15,456 SF
Warehouse Area: 33,010 SF
Lab/Office Area: 12,130

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Mays Greenwood Blending and Repackaging Facility offers customized solutions in bulk blending and repackaging operations under one roof to maximize productivity for our customers. This purpose built facility incorporates flexible production suites to process a wide array of custom blending and packaging requirements for our customers in different industries.

The design incorporates a tank farm capable of storing 28,000 gallons of USP and food grade ingredients in all stainless vessels. These tanks have dedicated lines servicing them and the systems in place to ensure the overall high integrity of the product.

Each of our four production suites have separate air handling systems and meet GFSI SQF standards. This ensures maximum product integrity while performing your customized blending and repackaging operations.

Our laboratory area combines process development and analytical quality control functions in a spacious laboratory. A dedicated instrument room houses our FT-IR, GC, HPLC, uV-Vis Spectrometer, Laser Particle Analyzer and microscopy equipment. These tools provide enhanced analytical capabilities to perform both development and operational quality functions.

Current production equipment includes stainless steel storage tanks ranging in size from 3 – 7000 gallons. Polypropylene tanks from 30 – 5000 gallons. 48” stainless steel dual stage vibratory separator and a Mira-Pak Flexible Form Fill and Seal machine.

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