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Ingredient Focus



Ingredient Focus


Ingredient Focus



Ingredient Focus

What Can Mays Do For You?

We are recognized as the optimal source for:

  • Ingredients
  • Services
  • Packaging
  • Vendor Management
  • Vendor Consolidation
  • Logistics Management
  • Customized Packaging
  • Customized Repacking
  • Customized Blending
  • Chemical Management Expertise
  • Strategic Buying
  • And so much more

Mays is truly a VALUE-PLUS solutions provider!

Mays provides a Comprehensive Logistical Focus for all of your chemical and ingredient needs.
"For 38 years, Mays has committed itself to operating with integrity, exceptional expertise and the highest degree of excellence.
We look forward to many more decades of growth operating under these core values that helped catapult Mays into an internationally-ranked leader as our business continues to grow."

Kristin Mays-Corbitt

Kristin Mays Corbitt - President - MaysChem

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