About Us

Our Mission

Mays prides itself on providing great value through World Class service!

Mays customizes plans to coordinate the purchase and delivery of products and services for each customer. These tailored programs range from basic consolidation to on-site vendor and chemical management programs designed to increase your profitability.

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Our Team Focus


Mays has a team of 70 people from our warehouses to our

President, Kristin Mays-Corbitt. Our teams of people span the

United States from coast to coast.


Our global resources span the globe. The departmental teams at Mays

have decades of knowledge and expertise.


The continued focus on education and training programs Mays provides, allow our team members to have access to the most current training resources to further their knowledge and provide education in their field. Training programs and learning seminars are offered and available at any time, and it's not just for business, but also for personal growth and well being.


Our Technology is key to ensure that our team has the resources to do their job and to enhance the customer experience.

 Our team is dedicated to serving our customers, both internal and external, to ensure Mays goes the extra mile and exceeds expectations.

Our History

Mays Chemical started with one thought in mind... providing the best service a company can offer. Chemical Distribution isn't just about selling the chemicals, the ingredients, the product lines - It's about the individualized services we offer to each customer, with every shipment, every single day.

Mays has grown from a thought to a national company with international business such as Puerto Rico and Mexico.

Mays Chemical Company is 41 years strong and continues to grow and expand. Mays is recognized as one of the largest chemical distribution companies.

Thank you for being such a successful part of our daily lives! Our Customers, both internal and external, are the best!

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