Mays Leadership

Kristin Mays-Corbitt


Kristin Mays-Corbitt, named President, April 1, 2012.

As Mays Chemical Company celebrates its 41st year of business in 2021, Kristin continues to honor her father’s legacy by forging ahead and carrying on her father’s hard work and determination to exceed every customer's expectations. Kristin is a hands-on leader and with her knowledge of every system that makes Mays run, she will continue to grow Mays Chemical.

Kristin was formerly Vice President of Operations and the Assistant to the Chairman at Mays Chemical Company. Kristin has held numerous positions at Mays, starting as an intern has progressed through a series of roles, including customer service representative, business analyst, director of customer service and marketing, and director of operations. Kristin's responsibilities for several years were managing warehouse distribution, blending operations, fleet and inventory management, customer service, purchasing and marketing.

Kristin Mays Corbitt, President, MaysChem

William Mays

Founder, President of Mays Chemical 1980 - 2010

1945 – December 4 - 2014

Bill Mays founded Mays Chemical Company March 3, 1980.

Mays Chemical Co. has been named No. 22 on Black Enterprise's list of top 100 companies.

This entrepreneur established Mays Chemical in 1980 and it has become one of the world's largest chemical distributors recognized as a source for chemicals, related raw materials and chemical management expertise. 

With the passing of William G. Mays on December 4, 2014, his legacy has continued to shine through the continuation of leadership of Kristin Mays Corbitt as President. Mr. Mays named Kristin as president in April 2012 and she is accompanied by a strong team of dedicated, hardworking and class- act leaders. As MaysChem continues to grow and flourish our team will continue to grow. 

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